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We are currently conducting our first pilot and are in the process of recruiting and organizing more projects.

Pilot Project #1

In this project we are working with Nature Village a resident led organization from the University Village. Nature Village wants to identify resource conservation measures that are cost effective and easy to implement in an apartment complex such as the University Village. This organization is piloting several measures, which if proven to be successful, will be recommended for implementation in all units. One of them is a showerhead flow control valve. They are manual devices that restrict the flow of water during a shower. They have the potential to reduce usage of water and natural gas. However, these control valves require user buy-in and regular use to be a cost-effective resource conservation measure. There are no water consumption meters at individual units, thus water savings will need to be estimated based on gas savings.

The purpose of the study is:

1.) To measure the difference in natural gas use before and after introducing shower-head flow control valves.

2.) To answer, are shower-head flow control valves a cost effective and efficient resource conservation measure?

An undergraduate from the Environmental Sciences major is working on this project with Nature Village. The Science Shop connected the student with a graduate mentor who is providing key technical support. The project is past the design stage and implementation has started. The research project will be conducted starting July 2013.

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